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Statement by Nelson P. – MTEL Biology

I took the biology mtel four times. My degree is in biology, so I was very confused why I could not pass this exam. I paid for the 2 weeks course, and worked with Marty. Marty was very helpful and knowledge about the exam. She provided good tips as well. I added an additional 2 weeks to ensure I pass this time. I got my official results back last week, and I did pass. Thank you Marty.

Statement by Suzan G. – MTEL Foundations of Reading

I know today is holiday, and I hope you are enjoying your holiday. I have time today so I wanted to just let you know I passed my foundations of reading exam.

Statement by Taylor B. – MTEL Physical Education

Thanks for helping me passing the physical education exam. I get to keep my job for the next school year. YAY

Statement by Jenna V. – MTEL Communication and Literacy Skills

My writing skills are not good at all as I am international student, so I struggled in passing the writing part of the communication and literacy skills. I took the test  3 times, so I decided I will use this program and make one last attempt. After this, I was just going to give up. While working with the tutor, I was not super confident in the beginning. As I worked with Ronald, he was showing me ways to write and tips; I was getting better. After I finished the course, I did wait for months before taking test as I was just not feeling right. In that time, Ronald continued to give me prompts via email and feedback, which helped. I took the test and I did pass. I am not sure how but I did, and I must give credit to Ronald.

Statement by Komal P. – MTEL Mathematics

I did the mtel mathematics course with David. He was very knowledgeable in math. We only focused on my weak areas, so when I took the test I did very very well. 

Statement by Brett G. – MTEL Music

I finished school 4 years ago with music degree, and I never took the mtel because of life. I decided to go back and take the test, and I attempted it and was just shocked that nothing I studied was even on the test. It blew my mind I spent 3 months studying and just like did not know 85% of the exam. My mom found this site, and she encouraged me to give it a try. I went with the 8 weeks course as I knew I needed the most help. I worked with Helen. Most of the questions I did with Helen I got wrong, but she explained to me the answers and the thinking process, which helped me to pass the music mtel.


Statement by Ruby T. – MTEL Foundations of Reading

Hey. I passed the foundations of reading. I got my scores last night. Thank you so much for the help.

Statement by Mia S. – MTEL Mathematics

My job depended on me passing the mtel math exam, so I was very desperate to pass. I was not far away from passing as I felt good taking test, but I wanted to be sure I pass so I did 8 weeks course. 8 weeks course was the highest passing rate program, and I could not take any chance. I am glad I did this program as I passed and was able to keep my job. I just wish I found this sooner.

Statement by Rahmond P. – MTEL Sheltered English Immersion


Hello Manny – I got my results back for the mtel sei exam and I get a passing score. Appreciate all the help.


Statement by Sandra A. – MTEL Reading Specialist


Just to let you know, I passed the reading specialist exam. I thought I failed, but I passed. Thanks for the tips.

Statement by Brenda T. – MTEL General Curriculum

I could not pass both parts of the general curriculum exam; literally just was baffled what was going on. I took the test many times and just not even getting close to passing. My dad signed me up for the program, and I worked with Jackie and Mae. Both were very nice and explained things in details. When I took the test, I passed one part but I failed the math. My tutor worked again for free with me and I attempted the exam 2 months later and I did find out recently I passed.

Statement by Hannah I. – MTEL Music

I signed up for the 4 weeks course as I really needed help with the listening portion of the music mtel. I am thankful for this program.

Statement by Taylor D. – MTEL Foundations of Reading

My issue was with the constructed response portion of the test. I could not find any resource that really explained how to approach the constructed response for foundations of reading or any good practice. So, I decided to this tutoring and they did have very good practice for foundations of reading. The tutors gave many tips on what to do and not to do. I recommend this program to anyone struggling with mtel.

Statement by Kristine I. – MTEL Foundations of Reading and MTEL English

I moved from Colorado to Boston, and my Colorado license did not transfer. I had to take the mtels. I been out of school for over 15 years, and I took the practice online and did horrible. I knew I had to get some professional help as this exam was different then the Colorado teaching exams. I paid for two 8 weeks course and worked with Jasmine.


Statement by Sandy J. – MTEL History

She explains everything in great details. She explained content and terms and did a lot of practice. I took test one time and passed it with Jasmine’s help. Thank you

Statement by Selena R. – MTEL Physical Education

My school signed me up to take a course with this program to pass the physical education exam as I took it 5 times. I was very good with the students at the school, and the school wanted to keep me. I am thankful the school paid for the course as I could never afford it. I am glad I worked with Riddick as he did a lot of practice questions and explained how to approach each question. I took the test and passed with, and I am able to continue my job at the high school.


My school gave me position for early childhood pending passing the mtel early childhood exam. I took the test 2 times and failed. I had one last chance to pass, so I signed up for the 8 weeks course. When I paid for the course, the person told me to just do everything I am told to do and you will pass. I did everything, and I did pass. These people really know the exam very well.

Statement by Julia R. – MTEL English


Thank you for helping me pass the English mtel. Last week I got my score and it is official I have passed.

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